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See, I had this Typhlosion since day one on my SoulSilver, and my brother dared me to release it. So I'm like "Challenge Accepted" and I save and release it so I can soft reset after. So when I released it, it said something like this:
>Typhlosion came back!
Was it worried about you?

What on PokeEarth does that even mean? Why did it happen?
As a side note if it'll help: It's my starter, I've never put it in the PC, it has max happiness, it has all the medals on Pokeathlon, a few contest ribbons, it's EV trained with zero EVs left to distribute.

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only pokemon in party?
What on PokeEarth....love it. XD

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When a Pokemon has Max Happiness, it will not leave it's trainer.

Source: Experience & Bulbapedia/ Released Pokemon

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i was gonna answer!
Thanks Uber!
In a way, its cute your Tylspotion (aarg cannot spell) will not leave you. Even if you find it annoying it won't leave you, its just sweet.
How interesting.....I wonder if this happens in Platinum as well.
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Is it your only Pokemon on the file? If so, it can't be released.
I also hear that if it is the only Pokemon you own with a certain HM learned, it cannot be released.
Third, if you don't want your typhlosion, see if you can trade it for something before releasing it. :D