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Okay, so I'm doing a Nuzlocke on Pokemon Emerald, and I caught a Wurmple at level 2 and it died at level 4. It doesn't know any HM moves, so why can't I release it? I've also heard that if a Pokemon has maximum happiness, it also can't be released. But I only had it for two levels! What's going on? Is it possible that it reached maximum happiness in such a short time? Please answer. Thanks!

When you try to release it, what message pops up?
@Kawaii Terlor it says something like: "Wurmple came back!  Was it worried about you?" Something along those lines.
...and it's not the only Pokémon in your party?

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As Kawaii terlor said,the game may have glitched.However,there are a few other possibilities.
1)Maybe you had 1 or 2 Pokemon in your team when you tried to release Wurmple.If you have few Pokemon,then you cannot release a Pokemon.Maybe you can release after you catch a few more Pokemon
2)Another possibility is that you had no badges.That's why "it was worried and came back for you".


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it says something like: "Wurmple came back! Was it worried about you?" Something along those lines.

That means it has max happiness.
If you only had it for 2 levels that means your game glitched and Wurmple's happiness became 255 (max).

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