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What would do more? 2 Technician Rock Blasts or 5 Skill Link Rock Blasts?

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For mah Cincinno,

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Skill Link: 25 Base power x5 = 125 base power with 5 hits
Technician: 25 Base power x2 = 50 base power + 1.5x more damage on each hit = 75 Base Power with 2 hits

Skill Link is generally more powerful than Technician by 50 base power. However, note that Technician still gives Skill Link competition, as if Technician gets three (or more) hits instead of two, Technician wins over Skill Link (or is tied with three hits).

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Okay, thank you Fizz!
No worries, glad to help! :P
wait, doesnt technician count for every hit? and not the whole move in general?
I rounded it into each hit. I'll edit to make it clearer, thanks.
Lol, doing the math wrong fizz xD
50 base power TIMES 1.5
lawl, it's fixed now. :P
Wait, wut? Smogon needs to fix their Technician page...
its cause you added 50% + 50 base power... your supposed to multiply them. 1.5 is the equivalent of an extra 50%
Of course, how dumb of me ._.
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Technician Rock Blast.

36,72,108,132,180 at the full five hits Technician
125 full five Skill Link

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Without items. Plus Grip Claw only works on trapping moves (Whirlpool, Fire Spin etc)
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Item enhancing damage will not be taken into account
2(25 x 1.5)= 75 damage
Skill Link:
5 x 25 = 125 damage.

a Skill Link rock Blast attack will do 50 more damage than a Technician Rock Blast that only hits twice

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Skill link
25 x 5 = 125 base power

(2 x 3 / 8) + (3 x 3 / 8) + (4 / 8) + (5 / 8) x 1.5 = 4.5
Average = 25 x 4.5 = 112.5 average base power

Skill link FTW

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