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I mean what Pokemon fit a role in Hoenn. Please provide all roles and a Pokemon.

what do u mean ?(give an example)
be more specific...
golem as wall,dusclops as staller
I think he is asking you to give an example of a Pokemon from Hoenn that can perform a role effectivly. Like Swampert as a Bulky Attacker.
Fizzcube's right.

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Note: This answer is using the roles given by linkpower in the answer to this question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/38940/what-are-the-different-kinds-pokemon-competitive-battling

Note 2: I'm not giving Ubers.

Baton Passer: Zapdos, Ninjask

Rapid Spinner: Claydol, Starmie

Spinblocker: Dusclops, Gengar

Physical Wall: Skarmory, Regirock

Special Wall: Blissey, Regice

Staller: Sceptile, Jumpluff

Physical Tank: Metagross, Snorlax

Special Tank: Blissey, Regice

Physical Sweeper: Salamence, Tyranitar

Special Sweeper: Raikou, Jirachi

Support: Claydol, Forretress

Phazer: Suicune, Swampert

Cleric: Blissey, Roselia

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I need the pokemon to be from Hoenn.
Your question could have many possibilities in how it could be answered. Three main interpretations came to mind:
1. Only Pokemon introduced in Hoenn.
2. Pokemon available in all Gen III.
3. Pokemon that can be caught without needing to trade to another game (and even then, Emerald also made your question difficult.)

Now, I answered each role with two Pokemon. And it seems you didn't notice that one of the two Pokemon is always a Pokemon introduced in Gen III (which explains Roselia).

So I did answer your quesstion correctly, despite you asking it poorly.
Ohh. opps. Sorry, didnt notice that claydol is from hoenn. sorry.