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Sceptile was never that good, but it now gets Dragon Dance and Swords Dance. Plus, Unnerve + Focus Sash is great. Swampert still only has 1 weakness and is bulky. It also gets Darkest Lariat and Ice Punch for Grass types. So which Hoenn starter is best in Gen 8?

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the order of best to worst still hasnt changed in gen 8. blaziken is still by far the best one due to its ability. swampert holds its spot firmly in the middle as getting access to flip turn and the moves you mentioned arent nearly enough to beat the value of speed boost. that just leaves sceptile as the worst of the three, with dragon dance not helping it much at all since it already had access to swords dance before and will probably stick with that over dragon dance anyways
I think we'll have to wait at least a week before anyone can know for sure.

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Blaziken. No need to argue on this case, Speed Boost is a very viable ability for Blaziken, since his Speed is average, with a stat of 80.
In case of Sceptile, he's already too fast with 120, so this Unburden's not too good. Apart from that, even if it gets Dragon Dance and Swords Dance, his attack is pretty low with 85. Even fully invested +2 physical attacks can't OHKO on neutral hits. Unburden is pretty situational too.
And about Swampert. M-Swampert was really viable when megas did exist in gen 7, since Swift Swim helps its bad speed, and a must in any rain teams back in gen 7. Now Megas may not return, so no Swift Swim. And about its non-mega ability..... Damp is not too good. And about the given above answer. Running Amnesia? Tell me it's a joke. Why would a sweeper run a defensive move? Although as Codeine Kiss told, its access to Flip Turn makes it better than Sceptile.
When it comes to Blaziken, he's too broken. It has access to Swords Dance, increasing his awesome attack of 120 to destroy almost anything that doesn't resist it after a +2 boost. It has been banned earlier, and even without its Mega, its still viable.

This answer turned out wrong.
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Many say that Blaziken is the best starter in gen 8 OU, it's not but hear me out as speed boost is perfect, and after a swords dance or a protect, it could sweep teams. Still, when you look at Blaziken bulk, it's 70 defense and 70 special defense, but Blaziken gets thunder punch for flying teams, then we look at sceptile all. However, I really hate sceptile. I'm doing this off pvp terms. It has dragon dance and earthquake, and the thing sceptile has that makes him not trash is unburden and that sceptile has a very good moveset though the poor bulk and the attack is what brings it down. Fun fact raboot has more attack than sceptile. Then we look at the best starter for gen 8 OU, which is swampert. This Pokemon was a monster on rain teams with swift team but with no Megas; in OU, it lost some power, but it was still good, and now we see the stats on swampert, and it is the best stats for any starter 100 hp 110 attack 90 defense and with an ok 85 special attack and 90 special defense though 60 speed is what holds it down. Swampert has ice punch with Liquidation and even damp to stop suicide leads like azelf and can even set up some stealth rocks. But they are 2 things putting it back it's its speed and how it's weak to grass, so threats like rillaboom with grassy gilde can OHKO. And that's that the best starter for Hoenn is SWAMPERT.

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TBH, Swampert is the best in Gen 8. As you said, it's only weakness is grass, and has ice punch and darkest lariat. You could put it in with goodra, and sap sipper would take all the grass moves. Swampert also has bulk up, which is good. to make it hard to kill. Add on amnesia, nothing can kill it.

Really? How much OU do you play?
It's incredibly remiss not to mention Speed Boost Blaziken at all, which in all likelihood could end up banned from the format altogether.
Swampert has only 1 weakness, but it still takes damage from other moves. Also Pokemon that rely on amnesia to tank special attacks are very vulnerable to opponents with choice specs, toxic, or a force switching move.
Also, the reason the Hoenn Starters are in Gen 8 OU is because they were recently added into CT. They probably aren't OU level, and Blaziken is most likely going to go to Ubers for having Speed Boost. The new added Pokemon will get their tiers changed as days passed.
Blaziken is the best BOI.