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Which of the four Tapus most viable for Gen 8 OU?

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For what purpose?
Most likely Lele and Koko. Tapu Lele seems to have the better movepool but Koko is better for sweeping I guess it also depends on which types your team doesn't have and how they help your team
We need to see your team. I’d say Koko is the most versatile, Lele probably isn’t as good as it used to be in the days of moonblastin those Urshifu-Single Strikes, Fini is pretty bulky but lacks recovery, and Bulu is....I mean he works best for me but he’s not even in OU so
Don’t they all have the same overall stats?
Yes, but stats aren't everything. One can still be better than the others.

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Tapu Bulu is generally outclassed by Rillaboom. Rillaboom has fewer crippling weaknesses, plus higher Speed and a greater movepool.

Tapu Lele is an excellent special attacker, and with moves like Psyshock, Moonblast and Thunderbolt, plus the help of Choice Specs or a Scarf, it can tear through teams.

Tapu Koko is also an excellent special attacker, plus it's a brilliant pivoter with its Speed and STAB Volt Switch. It also gets Roost for reliable recovery. It is pretty frail, however.

Tapu Fini is the best defensive Tapu, with 115/130 defenses. With a few Calm Minds, it gets even bulkier, and can also KO its fair share of opponents. It lacks good recovery though, with Draining Kiss being its best option. It's tremendously useful in walling an opponent.

It obviously depends on the rest of your team, but they're all pretty good at what they do (except Bulu, that's outclassed by Rillaboom).

Hope I helped!

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