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Thought of it after looking at this.

>And make sure to actually look things up before you answer.
And I need a for sure answer, not people guessing. That includes people of other sites guessing.
If you are not sure what the question is talking about or if you are not 100% sure your answer is correct, DO NOT ANSWER. ~trachy

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I did too, even my AR can't solve this problem.
Well some things Pokemon related can't be answered. It's possible they didn't even give it a specific percentage.
Yes. Then how was it programmed?
Can I answer this by saying "GameFreak hasn't released this yet"?
I'll follow the same rules trachy did.

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Increases the chances of a Pokémon producing an egg.

Not good enough, huh? :P

God, dis was difficult. This is a valid answer so far, and I cannot find anything anywhere else saying otherwise.

The chances are changed every 256 steps.

After looking into the code with some tools of mine(calculation tools, editing tools, viewing tools, coding tools, etc.) (legality questionable?), I found some stuff on the Oval Charm. So, I ran calcs, and got a 10% increase the first time. After retrying it, it went to 11.25% increase. Tried it again. 5.75% increase, and other various numbers.

Yeah, I would post the code, but it is over 250 lines, so nah :P. I hope this is what you want. If Bulbapedia or someone credible says otherwise, I will hide. But I am sure this is correct. 100% positive.

Also, if you hide this after I post it, I will be pissed :P. Broke my first W2 cartridge trying to answer this.

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:/ Sorry 'bout the W2 Cartriage...
Do you mean 15.75 increase?
Nope. It gave me a 5.75.
Okay, gotchu.
You always answer unanswerable Qs.
Yep. I must.
Can't you really give the code ? Please, I'd like to see it...
I have a question on those tools legality