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>Increases the chances of a Pokémon producing an egg.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Oval Charm

>Same species, different ID numbers

>The chance of getting an Egg is 69.3% (has a value of 70). The old man in the Day Care will say: "The two seem to get along very well."

Source: Bulbapedia/ Bredding Rate
This is the highest chance of getting an egg: 69.3%. What is the new percentage after factoring the Oval Charm in??

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I don't think Oval Charm's rate was released yet.
Why trying to hatch yourself up a baby Arceus? heheehe
Not sure on this but I think that the Oval Charm increases it by 30% so it would be 99.3%. Like I said. not completely sure on this.

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>> Increases the chances of a Pokémon producing an egg.

>Not good enough, huh? :P

God, dis was difficult. This is a valid answer so far, and I cannot find anything anywhere else saying otherwise.

The chances are changed every 256 steps.

>After looking into the code with some tools of mine(calculation tools, editing tools, viewing tools, coding tools, etc.) (legality questionable?), I found some stuff on the Oval Charm. So, I ran calcs, and got a 10% increase the first time. After retrying it, it went to 11.25% increase. Tried it again. 5.75% increase, and other various numbers.


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