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Looking for two Pokemon for use in Double Battle.

First Pokemon must be able to learn Explosion and must also be a Pokemon that doesn't normally have Explosion. Must be able to survive at least one turn against popular leads. High attack would be nice but is not required. No Ghost types may apply for job.

Second Pokemon must be able to outspeed popular leads without having a Speed increasing item, as I want it to hold the Shed Shell. Also required to be able to know U-Turn. Once again, no Ghost types may be able to apply for job.

No legendaries please.


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Sudowoodo can learn explosion, hardly anyone knows that. It's got good bulk to take physical hits. its typing could be better. cloyster can survive hits and use
explosion as well. Magnezone isn't used too frequently, but it's kind of predictable. torkoal is hardly used, but he might not survive because of his typing. lickylicky has some bulk and can use it as well. Most of the other exploders are pretty common. Swalot, exeggutor, claydol (this one's pretty common though), and shiftry are all good candidates for it.

as for the 2nd, scyther has pretty good speed. pidgeot, crobat, swellow, ninjask, Staraptor, and gliscor can all learn U turn, and are pretty fast.

Ps. I like where this strategy is going...

Mind games are what I excell at. Trick the opponent, surprise them, victory. I think I'll try out Lickilicky and Ninjask. U-Turn brings out a Ghost type and then Lickilicky explodes. If you start out with a Ghost type and a Pokemon that can explode, the foe is going to switch. By using U-Turn, I am able to bypass that and Shed Shell makes things that stop me from switching not be a problem. Explosion will then destroy the foe, especially since I am going to have the Exploding Pokemon hold the Choice Band.
Don't forget that explosion gets STAB when used with Lickylicky...
Why I chose Lickilicky.
It makes him a monolith of death.
How well do you think this will work out in Double Battles? I'm going to try it on my brother once he gets home to see if it is any good.
The ultimate battles.
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1st Pokemon Sudoowoodu because it will survive 1 turn or more because of its defence.

2nd pokemon Crobat because I have a Crobat that knows U-Turn.