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What type kills all his pokemon mostly
Electric takes down half his team.

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A rock type move can bring his charizard and lapras down. Pikachu is no match for a ground type. A grass or electric type can take care of Blastoise, and either a flying, fire, poison, or ice type can take out Venusaur. a fighting type can bring down that snorlax.

I'd suggest these types

Rock-Charizard, lapras

Fighting/Fire-Venusaur, Snorlax, lapras


electric/grass-blastoise,charizard, laparas

Also, if you want to make pikachu easier, use covet on it, to steal its light ball. its power is halved after that, plus you get a rare item.

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I was 11 seconds too late. :(
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except Venusaur is also a poison type so poison won't take down Venusaur, but a psychic will
The "Fire" typing is what covers venusaur. It's to say a Fire/Fighting pokemon like Infernape or Blaziken, or at least two moves of those types would do the job.
don't forget Steellix, who can resist his Pikachu...
btw not poison
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Venusaur is also a Poison type. Electric attacks make short work of three of Red's Pokemon. Fighting can then take down Snorlax. Ground deals with Pikachu. Lots of types take down Saur.

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