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So I left a male lapras, and a male snorlax in the daycare. and yes, since I've asked around I made sure they both were. They've miraculously crapped out an egg, can somebody explain to me what the @#%! is going on?


Again, as one person didn't notice. I stated they are BOTH MALE POKEMON.

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Which game are you playing? And this is a real game on DS/GBA, right?
Maybe you shouldn't hack your game.
BTW @Trachy - I didn't, I've never used action replay for the benefit of any of my DS games, even to get something on a different game, and trade it over.
What the what is going on?

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" * Different egg groups, same genders or No eggs group

The Pokémon are incompatible and therefore will not make an egg. The old man in the Daycare will say: "The two prefer to play with other Pokémon than each other."

this comes straight from Bulbapedia. the pokemon should not have been able to make an egg as they were both the same gender. I did notice that one was a snorlax, who requires an item to get a Munchlax, perhaps that affected something? It's most likely a glitch. Maybe the game miscalculated the dynamic values, as that is what determines a pokemon's gender.

Makes sense
"They don't like each other very much"  just means it's not very likely, whereas "preferred to play with others" means it's not possible." god only knows what the egg has. Maybe you did the bad egg glitch?
Yea, it was bad egg, I got a surskit though.
if you transfer a pokemon that is from a generation that doesnt have genders what gender will it be