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So I went up to the day care and I got an egg and then when I started walking away, he yelled to me that there was another egg. How did it happen so fast?


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Actually, its normal. Look at this statement:

>After every 256 steps, the chance is taken and if the random value is selected to allow for an egg, the egg shall be created for you to pick up at the Day Care centre. If no egg is produced, then you need to go back and partake in another 256 steps. ~Serebii

You took OVER 256 steps and received an egg. By the time you got the egg and took a few steps, you completed another 256 cycle, and the game decided that you would get an egg.

For example: You walk 509 steps and receive an egg. After 3 more steps, another cycle of 256 steps have been completed, so you got another egg by chance.

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Yeah, and it said that they liked each other.
So the chances were high.
But you said it was a glitch..which it isn't.
Lol, I've been biking around the day care and each time I go in front of it I get another egg! :D
Wut. How do you get that from your answer...?
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  • if it happened really fast, it might be a glitch

Otherwise... probably just luck.

No, probably luck, like in HG/SS, Manaphy and Ditto would have babies every ten seconds or so. I wonder how e.e
It's calculated by steps.