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in my Black 2 game I left my zoroark in the daycare, and after a surprisingly low amount of steps the daycare man called to me, so I got the egg from him, and proceeded to go DIRECTLY into the daycare to get my zoroark, but the lady said her husband wanted to talk to me so I talked to him and he gave me a second egg.

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This is not supposed to happen. Depending on how friendly your Pokemon are with each other (I assume they should be around the "The two seem to get along" area, because I'm guessing that's N's Zoroark + one of your own Pokemon), and they will have a ~50% chance of producing an egg every 255 steps.

Walking from the daycare man to his wife does not take 255 steps, unless you dawdled. If you did walk around 255 steps, then that's why. If you didn't, then it's not supposed to happen.

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I have just walked out and onto the steps, and my Lucario (which hates my ditto) was claimed to have an egg by the Day care man right after. :P
Then something's wrong lol. I think it's not that uncommon for this to happen? Maybe it's a known glitch. :O
I was breeding eevee and ditto and it shot out like 4 eggs within 5 minutes LOL
It really depends how often you were moving around.