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It takes forever to breed an ideal Pokemon.


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Yes, there is.

The ability Flame body and magma armour halve the steps to hatch an egg.

Also, you could use pass powers in the Entralink or whatever it is.They will speed up this process.

Some Pokemon hatch quicker than others. you can see about how long it takes on the Pokemon's page respectively.

Of course theres the way poke'slash describes.

source; various ability pages and the official Pokemon guide book.(sorry I couldn't link you to anything)

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Not really, but if you breed two Pokemon of the same species instead of the same Egg Group, they are more comparable, so in a way, they produce eggs a little faster.
Also, Pokemon with Flame Body in your party speeds up the hatching process a little.

Source is experience and game guides.

flame body or magma armor
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