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What game are you asking about? I think in some games that's impossible unless you use third party tools, and if you use third party tools, then you send out a ??????????.
I was just curious. I want to know what happens for every main series game.
This is a pretty good question. On the one hand, having a full party of six eggs renders one unable to battle with any Pokémon. On the other, you'd think Game Freak would have taken measures to prevent this.
"Eggs cannot participate in battle, therefore a Trainer may only carry a maximum of five Eggs at a time."

You can't have a full team of eggs. I'll add this as an answer if it's sufficient, but I don't know anything about using third party tools to edit your party so you have 6 eggs in it.

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When you hack the game it will work but if you have some hacks it can work

i know it's not a full team of egg but one egg shows all.

Pokemon gold: Glitch Dimension. 2:09 in video.

Pokemon Fire Red: Wynaut with egg patterns named egg. 7:42 in video

Pokemon Platinum: Crash. 9:46 in video

Pokemon Black and White: Crash. 10:41 in video

Pokemon X and Y and Sun and Moon: Bulbasaur named Egg. 11:12 in video

But if you do you will send out egg that looks like Wynaut with egg coloring

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WvI0ex7FcY

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Do you have anything to back up this information?
Yes I do I changed it so now you know
That video only shows the effects of encountering and catching an egg, not what happens if you get into a battle and only have eggs.
He did just look at it. At 7:40 he is fighting a wild Numel in battle.
I stand corrected, but that only shows what happens in Gen 3. It's likely different for each game.