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One main Pokemon and two side pokes that would work well for each round.
I'm on Stage 9 which has Druddigon,Garchomp,and Vicitini.(not easy to get past)

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Oh, pokepark2. Memories.

I usually just choose pikachu and use an iron tail spam.
I have used snivy's leaf storm like 100 times in a row on round 2 for ferrothorn or someone that resists it and I ended up to knock it out.
For oshawott I get a good distance away and use razor shell. Water gun is also an option if you can't hit with razor shell.
For tepig I enjoy spamming the move where you charge into the opponent. They usually get knocked down and then they try to attack, I would dodge by hitting the -> or <- button and then proceed to use the process over and over again.

As for partners, it seems as if landorus/golurk could help. It always deals a good amount of damage to any opponent. A dragon type Pokemon would work good along with a ground type attacker, as the grounds take out the steels that the dragons can't defeat otherwise.

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well, I used Tepig's Flame charge combo.It's a good combo, beacuse most of the Pokemon
it the tournament are weak to fire such as Ferothorn and Scolipede.Tepig has a lot of HP too.Pikachus Iron Tail combo is good too.It's fast and deals a lot of Damage.For helpers I would suggest Lundorus and Lucario.Lundorus has a great move and Lucario deals damage with its Aura Shpere.

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