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Go to the move rememberer, who will teach your Pokemon level up moves that it has forgotten in Gens 3, 4, and 5.

Gen III: Two Island, Fallarbor Town
Gen IV: Blackthorn City, Pastoria City
Gen V: Mistralton City, PWT


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For generation 1?
There is none for Gen 1.
Yeah, I felt like that the first time I outspeed Mew.
dang it.
darn, my computer so slow
And Gen 2.
Unless you do it on Pokemon Stadium.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOh... After over a month of finding, I finally know where to find it in emerald. ^^
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Yes. At the move rememberer. He'll teach a Pokemon a move it has forgotten from Level up in exchange for a Heart Scale.

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Yes, in HG/SS, if you give the Move Rememberer a Heart Scale, you can have your Pokemon remember a move they have forgotten or can learn by level up. But, they cannot remember TMs or HMs they have forgotten. They can re-learn Egg moves

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They can relearn egg moves? I never knew that.