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My life is slop unlucky. I have missed 14 times with toxic in 19 uses. I want a move that can poison for sure.

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Poison Fang: 100 Acc, chance to poison.
Cross Poison: 100 Acc, chance to poison.
Poison Gas: 85 Acc, poisons.
Poison Sting and Poison Jab: 100 Acc, chance to poison.
Poison Tail: 100 Acc, chance to poison.
Poisonpowder: 75 Acc, chance to poison.
Sludge: 100 Acc, chance to poison.

There are more, just look here: http://pokemondb.net/move/all#poison

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Besides Toxic Spikes, Toxic is your best bet for poisoning enemies with it's 90 base accuracy.

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Al lthe moves that can poison are:
Cross Poison
Fling (poison barb)
Gunk Shot
Poison Jab
Poison Gas
Poison Sting
Poison Tail
Secret Power
Sludge Bomb
Sludge Wave
Toxic Spikes

The moves with a 100% chance are:
Toxic Spikes

The moves with 100% chance and accuracy are:
Toxic Spikes


If you want to count throwable items put in Trick and Switcheroo(Toxic Orb) along with the move Psycho Shift while Posioned
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