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If a Flash Fire Pokemon gets a Flash Fire boost, but then loses Flash Fire as its ability, does it lose the Flash Fire boost with it too?

Yeah, loses it by a random Amoonguss using Gastro Acid over Spore.

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Heatran used Stealth Rock!
Pointed stones float in the air around the foe's team!
The foe's Testing Buddy used Hidden Power!
Heatran's Flash Fire raised the power of its Fire-type moves!
Turn 2
Heatran used Stealth Rock!
The foe's Testing Buddy used Skill Swap!
The foe's Testing Buddy swapped Abilities with its target!

And Flash Fire was still there.

Credit to DaBomb.

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Nope. It will keep the boost.

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Of course, the fancy answer gets the upvota AND BA :C Me offended.
Yep. That's what happened. You didn't have a source, Mew did.
Mega, I don't know where to post this but I want to be the Fire type gym leader in your league.