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Just happened in a double battle with AlphaDraconis.

AlphaDraconis has on the field Chandelure and Metagross.
I have Reuniclus and Cresselia.

I use HP Fire from Reuni on Metagross. It hits and Meta takes damage.
AlphaDraconis is confused because he thought Chandy's Flash Fire was supposed to draw in Fir attacks.
So another question.
Does Flash Fire draw in Fire attacks?

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Yes it will get powered up from HP fire


it's a messy test, but HP fire was taken in by chandy, and alomomola took both HP fire and flamethrower, meaning that Flash Fire will not draw in HP fire nor any other attack.

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MrK, I'm fairly certain that Flash Fire only draws in attacks aimed at the Pokèmon with Flash Fire Ability, unlike Motor Drive, which draws in all Electric Attacks. I can't back up that theory, though.
Aimed at the pokemon? K thats what I thought, wanted clarification though.
TBB if you can back up Poke/'s theory you get BA as well.
ok i'll try
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If TBB edits his answer before I finish writing this, then I'll hide it, but in any case:

Flash Fire does not redirect Fire attacks. Flash Fire only activates when the Fire type move (including HP fire) is directed at the Pokemon with the ability, i.e. Chandelure.

Lightningrod and Storm Drain are the only abilities I can think of that attracts all the attacks of a single type (electric/ water respectively), though with some limitations (Judgement electric/ water is not redirected).

Motor Drive, Sap Sipper and Water Absorb will not redirect attacks, but only negate the effect of electric/ grass/ water moves on the Pokemon they're directed to.

Compare: Flash Fire as opposed to Storm Drain or Lightningrod.

Damn you beat me :P Either way just a note don't add in additional info which has no relevance to the question. "Motor Drive, Sap Sipper and Water Absorb will not redirect attacks, but only negate the effect of electric/ grass/ water moves on the Pokemon they're directed to." Its just not needed and is seen as point grubbing, though maybe I'm being a bit to critical. Please in future stick to the question as it honestly isn't worth the read of the questioner and saves you the pointless effort. I honestly doubt he wants to see a link to Storm Drains page... Its not gonna get you extra votes its just gonna look like point grubbing
I only mentioned those abilities because there was a comment on TBB's answer that said Motor Drive redirected electric attacks, but it doesn't. (Soz Pokeslash)

I just wanted to settle the dispute as to which abilities redirected attacks and which didn't; but I take your point. I usually give too much information anyway...

Though idk; I always thought it's better to give more information than less? Maybe that's just me.
K sry guys Im going to give TBB BA cause he just tested it with me on Showdown. You both get upvotes. Bloody pointgrubbers >:I

jkjkjk lol. marzipan sometomes the extra info is nice but otherwise as Blob says it's not actually needed.
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No simple as that. Flash Fire does not redirect similar to other abilities.