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I'm trying to find another Litwick since my old Chandelure had a jolly nature(spd.>sp.attack). Now I'm stuck on which ability to use: Flash Fire or Flame Body? I want to make a choice that's worth it, since I only have one more dusk stone. Also, I would be glad to accept opinions on breeding to get better moves(and which ones), plus your choice of nature. Thanks for all your help, have a nice day!^^

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you should get one with a better nature. Yours lowers special attack which is bad because Chandelure has one of the highest special attacks in the game
i know! thats why i'm asking this question so i can change!
opps sorry didnt probaly read the first line sorry

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I suggest flash fire,
Chandelure is amazing for switching in on an obvious fire move, getting the special attack boost, and sweeping.

Flame Body would be better if you were looking to take alot of hits, I suggest a timid nature.

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Thanks J98. My chandelure will be holding a choice scarf and using overheat anyway, so switching with flash fire would be good!^^
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Both Abilities are great but I prefer Flash Fire better because most opponets might use Special Attacks instead of Physical Attacks on a Ghost-Type, so in my opinion Flash Fire is more useful.

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ives me a reason to use flame body :)