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Is it possible to have a pokemon with all pokealthon stats to the max?

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Just like in the it possible? is it possible useing aprijuice?

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No, because if you use aprijuice to max a stat, another stat will go down, so no. Legendaries have the highest stats so use them.

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You are Right one 1 Thing but you really need a good combination of Arpicorn to find out Which is better, it is true that you can lose some stats but only if you know which is the Right Combination.
Suprising, but Muk has highest stats. 5-4-5-5-5 I think, but only one star from max
Sunkern does :P
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I think pokemonblack is right, but sunkern and arceus can have each stat maxed out, just not all at the same time.

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There are 5 pokemon that can do that: Arceus, Mew, Giratina, Sunkern, Ditto. They have "maximum 25" but like you said you can't do it all at once.
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Yes you can Max out on the Pokealthon Stats. but not 100% Complete and the thing is it won't stay Maxed out forever. You must find a Combination of Arpicorn to find the one that is Right for your Pokemon and do the Pokealthon as Quickly as you can,the effect of the Juice will give you the Upper hand but you are also Limited for 1-2 Days.

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Ok thank you! I was thinking it were possible. can you give me any examples? I was trying to max out sunkern psyduck and ditto.
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Ditto can also have stats to the max

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