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For example...
Steelix is mentioned in Onix's Pokedex Data, Exeggcute is mentioned in Exegguttor's Pokedex Data. Are there any other?

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Shall I answer one by one cause it will take forever to search.

Zangoose- seviper's entry
Seviper- Zangoose's entry
Pidgey - Ekans entry
Spearow - Ekans entry
Exeggcute-Pidgeotto's entry
Magikarp-Pidgeot's entry
Pidgeot-Magikarp's entry
Kyogre-Groudon's entry
Groudon-Kyogre's entry
Durant-Heatmor's entry
Heatmor-Durant's entry
Geodude-Rhyperior's entry
Spearow-Sunkern's entry
Remoraid-Mantine's entry
Mantine-Remoraid's entry
Groudon&Kyogre-Rayquaza's entry
Starly-Cherubi's entry
Magneton-Magnezone's entry
Magnemite-Magneton's entry
Metang-Metagross's entry
Beldum-Metang's entry
Corsola-Luvdisc's entry
Pawniard-Bisharp's entry
Murkrow-Honchkrow's entry
Staravia-Staraptor's entry
Sewaddle-Leavanny's entry
Leavanny-Sewaddle's entry
Wurmple-Silcoon's entry
Starly-Wurmple's entry
Wurmple&Skarmory-Taillow's entry

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