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Heart gold edition, got it yesterday. It was all fine, done 4 badges and now all of a sudden when I come to continue my game by clicking continue all I get is a black screen and nothing else. The music plays in the background but all i've got is a black screen. Even when I take the game out the back or close the DS the music continues but nothing else, no buttons work, tried turning it off and on etc. Weird thing is it works fine if I start a new game but don't fancy losing my data. Anyone know what's going on or what I can do to fix it?



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Well, you can try blowing the game chip part of the game chip (the bottom of the back side of the chip, not sure what that is called) and blow on that. Then blow in the game chip slot. Then try playing it again.

As a last resort try restarting your game and see if it works. If that doesn't work, just take it back and get a refund. You got it yesterday, so I'm sure the store will have some sort of warranty.

Have you been to this game store before to get other Pokemon games? Or games? Or anything at all, really? (xD) Because if it's your first-time there, maybe you shouldn't come back there. It might sell fake games.

Hope I helped. :)

blowing in the game slot always works for me
Smashing the game with a giant hammer works for me. My XBox wouldn't eject disks so I smashed it and burnt it. It works just fine now.
Gliscurr, why did you say that? ;x;
Well you might have brought a fake game Pokemon sure is popular all the more try to play other games on your DS if they work the n the problem is in the card . Next try to see wether your memory card works or not and then in the end if nothing works not even complaining the store then complain or call on Nintendo's  toll free number it must be written behind the pack .  You can also email them.
Thanks yeah this has helped! I tried blowing in it yesterday but i'll give it another go today. Restarting the game as in starting a new game? Because it will work fine if i do that I've already tried but don't want to lose my progress. Its weird as the only time this happened before was in the game corner/coin place  in Goldenrod city and the i clicked on mr game the game master guy and he started showing me how to play his stupid coin game and then it went blackout. That was the first time and that was in-game progress. But I turned it off and on again and it was absolutely fine. I bought it off some company called DSGames through amazon because the game is 3 years old and i couldn't find anywhere else that sold it. But I think its a pretty sketchy company as all customer pictures on their page show the box coming out of an envelope but i only got the game card in my envelope and that was it, no box or instructions or anything, just the card.

But thanks for your help :)
How do I check if my memory card works?
I have no idea. You can check Nintendo's FAQs. Or the internet's. :3
You can check whether the memory cardworks by
1) simple method try playing another game's save ofcourse if you have another
2)You can buy a memory card reader writer truly cheap somwhat 1$ or 50 cents or something then see whether there is a save file named pokemon heartgold.dsv or something of that sort hen copy that save in your comp start new game save see if you 're able to play that file if yes the problem was in that save file if the prob is in something else then report nintendo it is a must so that they don't make anymore mistakes.