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I just caught Virizon and went to the Pokemon center and discoved that my Terrakion is gone

I have alredy checked all the boxs On the PC

So where is my Terrakion???

Can somebody help me out please.


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1: You didn't save.

2: Sibling trolled you and traded / released it.

3: It is in your party.

4: Daycare.

5: You thought you caught it.

6: Glitch.

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This happened to my Thundurus and what actually happened was my DS died, and when I finally got it again it had a Careful Nature -_-
xD xD xD
A friend of mine lost a Pokèmon. It was a shiny blue Swinub.
Naturally, he was upset.
I finally found it ... it was at the pokemon daycare
Lol XD