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I caught Terrakion. simple as.
But then I noticed that Pathless Plain had reappeared, and I found another Terrakion.

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Did you save before catching the other Terrakion? Also are you SURE it was a Terrakion? It may have been a Virizion or Cobalion.
it had the mini pokeball "caught before"icon. And there are defineately two terrakions in the box. I checked. one is now on the GTS.
Oh, that's questionable.
I'll Check The OTs.
Espeon how did you get those hearts and I saw you on DarkTyphlosion's wall
I held Alt and 3 at the same time. Or just copy it from a common Info trend called a Ribbon. Also, I don't remember posting on DT's wall. It may have been Kameko.
You can also use emojis ❤❤
Maybe they return when you defeat the Elite Four again? Idk that's odd.
Do you remember catching the first Terrakion? It could have been traded.

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Reason 1: You probably got the one from trading.

Reason 2: Probably some kind of sort of a glitch with duplicating legendaries, not sure though.

Reason 3: Some sort of a hack...? I have no clue what this is, but you probably activated some sort of cheat that allowed two wild Terrakion to appear, but not sure.

You should check the OT of both of them.

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If you're not sure, then you shouldn't post an answer.
Just want to say that blaming this on a glitch or hack sounds sort of arbitrary. As far as I know there is no glitch that is known to behave like this, and you can't spontaneously apply a "hack" as you suggest.
Asker seems happy with the answer though, so I guess you covered it anyway.