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Like, maybe in Gen 1 Swift can missed, but now it has infinite accuracy. and Shadow Ball is Physical catagory in Gen 2, but now it is Special catagory! what else?


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Actually, in Gen l, Swift never missed, and I mean never. Even if they used Fly or Dig, it hit in Gen l. Speaking of Dig, Dig used to be a lot worse, having only 60 power, and it is now 80, probably to make up for the turn wastede that you are dead to any Earthquakes that come your way. Outrage also has changed in power, it was once 90 but was changed in Generation 4 to 120, most likely because they wanted this to still show up on Pokemon, even with Dragon Rush, so they increased the power. Another power difference came with Rock Smash, which used to have a power of 20, but now has 40power. Another change (although not in power) is Sandstorm, which now increases Sp. Def of Rock types. I am sure there are others, but besides those and the Physical/Special Schism, I don't know them off the top of my head.

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Actually Wobbefett, The Following Types of Moves were ALL special until gen. IV
and Dark
Every other move that is not one of those types was Physical

exactly right. thats why water moves were bad for gyarados in gen 1