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Once my shuckle out speeded purugly

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?   ㅤㅤ     ㅤㅤ

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What is a speed bump? There is no such thing.

If your Shuckle outspeeded Purugly, Purugly's Speed stat may have been lowered or Shuckle's Speed increased. Shuckle may also have been holding a Quick Claw, or Purugly may have been holding a Lagging Tail. Then again, their Base Speed stats may have caused it; if Shuckle was a higher level it's Speed may have been higher than Purugly's.

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This may have been a glitch, but I am doubtful. This may be a possible problem with your game.
Fizz this is the first time I am hearing wit a speed bump is. But if its on Smogon then...think again.
@ Flare: That's not a attribute of the game however. It's just how Smogon worded it.
Smogon uses a lot of weird terms.