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I was battling Colress and My Dragonite used Safeguard, then it used Outrage, but it was confused.Does Safeguard prevents problems such as sleep and poison ?


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Safeguard prevents the user and its party from being affected by any status condition for five turns except those caused by special abilities, held items or self inflicted statuses. It also does not block the effect of Yawn if Yawn has already been used, and it does not cure an already existing status.

So yes, but Dragonite was confused because Safeguard does not protect you from self inflicted statuses. Outrage inflicts Confusion on the user, therefore it falls under this category.


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thanks,but why it got confused after i used it ?
I also used Safeguard before Outage.
It's clearer now.
no way, i used Safeguard who is supposed to stay for five turns, before outrage.
It's because Outrage's confusion is self inflicted. Safeguard does not protect you from self-inflicted statuses.
so that's it. Thanks very much.
No worries, glad to help! :D
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Yup it cures.


The user's party is protected from status conditions.
But as fizzcube said,it wont heal self inflicted moves like outrage.


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Safeguard prevents Status Problems.
So it would prevent Sleep, Poison, Paralyzed, Confusion.
Any type of stat problem except for things like Leech Seed
but it doesn't cure self inflicted statuses.
Hope I helped!

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Yes, all status conditions.