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It's all in the title.


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Unlike what the others say, there are two abilities that prevent recoil. Magic Guard and Rock Head.

Life Orb with Rock Head will cause recoil
Life Orb with Magic Guard, however, will prevent recoil.

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Sheer Force. Doesn't that prevent recoil?
yes it does
Nope,Sheer force removes positive effects like burning the foe it does not remove recoil.
Sheer Force can also prevent recoil as long as the move you are using has beneficial effects, like Ice Fang. Feraligatr can hold a life orb and use waterfall and take no damage
She meant abilities that prevent actual recoil from moves like Head Smash.
oh well okay then
well thats a different kind of recoil.
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Life Orb damage will still happen. Life Orb damage isn't recoil.

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If you mean like an Rock Head ability you will still take damage from Life Orb.

Source:Tested on Showdown

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