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your rival in HG and SS is treats Pokemon badly and golbat evolves with hapiness.So how did his Golbat evolve if he treats it badly and doesn't show respect ?


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Okay,got the correct answer.

By the time the player reaches Indigo Plateau, Silver battles against
the player not out of malice, but to prove that he is a good Trainer.
He is defeated and departs to continue training. The player battles
Silver on Mt. Moon, and though he loses he claims he can feel his
Pokémon getting stronger, and resolves to train at Dragon's Den.
When battled the seventh time at Indigo Plateau, Silver seems to have finally learned to care for his Pokémon properly, as his Golbat
has evolved to Crobat, which only occurs when Golbat is very
This is further expressed in Generation IV when his
starter Pokémon starts to follow him around, much like the player's
Pokémon; Professor Elm even expressly states that Silver's Pokémon
have come to trust him when Silver returns to the lab, presumably to
return the starter he stole.


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I shall answer with this...
Blame it all on TrollFreak...

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After you prove your Rival's beliefs wrong, he has a 'change of heart' and begins to treat his Pokemon with more care and respect. Golbat would probably have taken this into account, and with his trainer's new attitude, it may have evolved as a result.

Otherwise, this is the work of Game Freak and their naive minds. :P

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Gamefreak wanted it like that and that's what they did. Besides maybe Globat is different and likes to be harrased xD
And then he also changes heart and begins to treat his Pokemon with respect later on in the game.

He finally realises that the way he treats his Pokemon is why he keeps on loosing and then later on evolves Golbat because of his new bond with his Pokemon.

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right, maybe Golbat's hapiness is by treating it badly and without respect ;)
Yes...but the rival does change heart!
ok got it