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I saw it in a video on Youtube.Can you catch it ? It would have been awesome !

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No,munching Orange was using cheats.
Evidence:he said "To get started on this cheat"

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No, you can't. You must trade or PokeTransfer.

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It is impossible to catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Black. The person you saw must be a hacker or Was playing a Dupe game that was computer generated.

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Sorry, you can't capture it in the game. Regardless of what any other answers say, there is no wild encounter data for Rayquaza in the game's code, so it's impossible to encounter it in the wild without the use of a hacking device. You can trade over or use Poketransfer.

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No you can't but I wish you could the person you saw must have used cheats or a hack.But you can with Poke Transfer.

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Do you really think this made any difference?
Why does everyone do stuff like this???