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On youtube I found the senior battle, but I can't find the junior and ones. Pokemonvgc.com brings you to pokemonchampionship.com. They just give you tiny clips of the battles.

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Say Wut? I would Answer (only if I had a clue about what you were talking about)
Nobody answer because its not about pokemon if you want you can ask it one another web,thats why nobody answer it.
I just think that nobody knows the answer.
It is actually about pokemon video games, which is what pokemaster said this is for. Pokemaster, is this really a bad question. If so I will hide it.
Actually, Pokemaster said in a previous question that anything about Pokemon is allowed to be asked.
So this is aloud then.

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There are quite a few videos on YouTube from various regional finals, worlds might be among them somewhere:
http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pokemon junior world final 2010

Apart from that, I don't know. If they are not on the official web site then maybe no one recorded them. The YouTube ones are all amateur footage.