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Sorry if this was already asked my iPad is spazzing out.

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are two websites I found most helpful. The second one is Japanese (mostly) with English Subs.

Edit: Watchseries is great too, but without subs.

A google search lead me to, which seems awesome too!

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I don't think the first one is up to date
And the second one doesn't have any in English?
1 vote is my favorite, check it out :)

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Could you leave a link please? That would be great, thx ;)
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Maybe try WatchCartoonOnline. I watch all my animes here.

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For watching anime I believe is the best!

They have a lot of anime's in fact I have never not found something I'm looking for. Also the video player is really easy to use like YouTube and I've never had issues with it (this is coming from someone that always has issues with players).

There's a few adds (like 3?) but you can always click Hide on them. What's best the website dims out episodes you've seen and highlights episodes you haven't so you always know where you're at. man!

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