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Anybody know where I can watch the entire Pokemon anime for free? A lot of the websites that used to work, doesnt work anymore, and the official Pokemon website/the Pokemon tv app doesnt have all episodes, only a few from a few seasons

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How do ya want us to help him out then :P
'We can't help' is not an invalid answer to the question. But, you can suggest a way to watch the anime without encouraging piracy.
I don't believe there is anywhere to watch the whole anime legally and for free.
I watched it on yottube

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Well, there is the app, Pokémon TV, but that doesn't show the entire anime at one time. The other option, which is less time consuming would be to buy the DVDs for every season, but that would be expensive. Those are, imo, the best options.

CartoonNetwork: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/pokemon/video/index.html has a couple full episodes.
Disney XD: https://disneyxd.disney.com/pokemon has some episodes too.
Kadet has some episodes, but dunno if it's only a Dutch channel