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I was wondering because somebody said Bebe gives you an Eevee but I don't know who or where Bebe is.

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Bebe was introduced in Generation IV as an expert computer technician living in Hearthome City in the Sinnoh region. It was she who developed Sinnoh's Pokémon Storage System based on the previous designs of Bill and Lanette. Her house, which is next to the Pokémon Center in Hearthome, is not quite as cluttered as Lanette's. Bebe is good friends with Hayley, who owns a ranch in which Pokémon can be stored, and they still keep in contact with each other.

       **After the player obtains the National Pokédex, she will give him or her a level 5 Eevee.** This Eevee came from a good friend in Johto before being passed onto the player. **In Pokémon Platinum, the Eevee is available right away at level 20, without the need of the National Pokédex.**


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Bebe is a character in Pokémon Platinum version. She improved the Pokémon Storage System. She can be found in a building in Hearthome City, and, when talked to, will give the player an Eevee. Furthermore, after the encounter the part of the PC previously called "Someone's PC" will be called "Bebe's PC".

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Is Bebe in Diamond version too?
Yes. At least, according to Pokenubz answer.
Generation IV includes Platinum, Pearl, AND Diamond.