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Is there a limit to how many of those cards you can have?


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There is no limit.

>Pokémon LV.X cards also share the same name as the Pokémon they Level-Up from, and as such only four of either card are allowed in a 40- or 60-card deck. For instance, a player would be allowed to have two Honchkrow LV.42 and two Honchkrow LV.X in the same deck, but only four Honchkrow would be allowed in total. As well as that, because of the fact that these two cards share the same name, an effect which would remove the highest Stage Evolution card from a Pokémon would, in this example, force the removal of both Honchkrow cards, leaving only Murkrow.

It's limited by the name. If you have 3 Mews and a Mew LVX, no more Mews are allowed. That's all.


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I remember reading this exact same thing in a booklet once... >.>
That's does not apply to pokemon EX (It does with X). you can have 4 shaymin and 4 shaymin EX in the same deck.
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Actually Pokemon lv X are limited to 4 minus the amount of Pokemon with the same name that are not level X

Pokémon EX however you may have 4 of in your deck

Overall a player may have 2 heatran, 2 heatran lvX and 4 Heatran EX

Sources: A.Bulbapedia from other answer

                B. Black and white plasma blast theme deck rules states EX changes the name

(X is only a change in level while EX is a change in name)

Note: If you are using arcues than as many as you want

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