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So lets say I catch a shiny Pokemon in HG or SS. What will happen when I make it the first Pokemon in my party? Will it appear to be shiny or regular colors as it follows me?

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It will be shiny, I remember doing it with my pideot and gyrados. It's good because you can brag to pixles :D


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It will be Shiny when it follows you.

Source: Experience with my Shinies on HG.

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Ok everybody has said yes it does.
Source: Mine is from Bulbapedia >:D
Bulbapedia Shiny Pokemon HG/SS

Shiny Pokémon are again highlighted in Pokémon HeartGold and
SoulSilver, where the red Gyarados makes its return as a plot point,
while Shiny Pokémon also appear in their Shiny state as walking
Pokémon when they follow the player.

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It will appear as Shiny.

Source: My Red Gyarados following me around.