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I think they gave me Old Gateaux after I filmed my movie.

Ha! I get Lemonades,Escape Ropes,and Berry Juice :/
Old Gateaux LOL.
I will have to try that. ;)
Lol, they are trying to be Fanc-ee

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Scratch my previous answer, turns out gateau is the legitimate spelling. However, gateaux is the plural, so that's probably why you saw that in the text. Dictionary source here.

OK final edit with irrefutable, straight-from-the-game-code answer! The game text I extracted from BW2 a while back has two files which are almost identical except one is plural and one is singular.

Extract from file A:

PP Max
Old Gateau
Guard Spec.
Dire Hit

Extract from file B:

PP Maxes
Old Gateaux
Guard Specs.
Dire Hits

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