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Ghetsis is N's 'foster father', meaning he was raised by Ghetsis but is not his son.

Source: Bulbapedia's page on N. See Relatives.

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i don't considered Ghetsis to be anything but a Manipulator, seeing as that's ALL he did to N: twist his mind 'till N thought EXACTLY what Ghetsis wanted him to think. even N's caretakers (those pretty women) said N didn't like Ghetsis, and that he preferred the company of Pokemon. i don't think there was much love between those two. what's worse, the ONLY Pokemon Ghetsis allowed N to see were abused ones, further twisting N's mind. i was CRYING by the time i finished Black. N's agony just hit me hard. Everything he knew turned out to be a lie. THAT is why he left. he didn't know who he was anymore. he didn't even know if he belonged. and that broke my heart,