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I really don't know because every time I use recover the opponent causes the gained HP

[email protected] orb
252spa 252spe 4spd
-dragon pulse
-ice beam

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provide moveset...
It depends on your set and your team
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Based on your set and EVs, I would definitely go with Thunderbolt, as it provides more coverage rather than the lackluster Recover that won't do much with your defenses.

If you wanted to use Recover, I would recommend a Soul Dew set.

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I got your SS team. Good horrible team! ;)
And Thunderbolt completes the BoltBeam set :)
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Your Ev's are jank for your moveset... I say niether, unless the 252attack is suppost to be Sattack. If so I say thunderbolt.

Recover is good for a stall or wall set, but for a sweeper Thunderbolt would be better. At least in my opinion.

Defensive Pokemon are good with roost and recover, and High HP Pokemon. But when running a sweeper set I say thunderbolt as better definitly. And as you said, recover is a move that will be countered partially if not fully when your opponent attacks. I say Thunderbolt for sure.

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