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Without the needed badge(s) of course.

OK, so I know all the stuff like they don't obey you if you don't have
the correct gym badge but I also know that they will not always rebel
against you. There is a chance that they will obey you, and there is a
chance that they will disobey you. And so...what I want to know is
what is the PERCENTAGE of the traded Pokemon obeying you.

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I have no idea because my lv. 100 Zekrom I traded to B2 when I started would only obey me like once every 20-30 times.
So your saying 1/25 approx?
Maybe. Whatever it is it it noe really worth taking one. It was almost KOed in a battle against a lv. 23 because it refused to do anything!
I think it depends on the level. If you have the badge so that Pokemon up to level 30 will obey you, then a level 31 Pokemon will obey you more than a level 100 Pokemon.
Mmmm. That is a good thought.
um... there isnt one i mean it depends on your badges if you have all any level pokemon will obey if you have none no lvl pokemon will obey
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lol happened in ss i was on goldenrod and azelf and dialga wont obey now i got all badges and they do

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I did some research on my DS. I tested 200 moves and found 103 moves worked and 97 didn't. So the chance must be 50%.

Only traded Pokemon can rebel against a trainer. They only rebel when they are higher than the level the badges allow the user to control. For example, until beating the 4th gym leader in all the games, all traded Pokemon higher than L.30 will 'rebel'. Once you beat the 6th gym leader, you can train traded Pokemon to L.50 perfectly before they started disobeying. The last badge allows you to train traded Pokemon to L.100. If you have no badges, the highest level you can train a traded Pokemon without it disobeying is L.10. Source

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What exactly if your research? No offense but I doubt it's conclusive.
How can you find percentages like this by playing the game? Game Freak don't reveal that kind of thing to us.
I tested 200 moves(It had better be worth it)and found 103 moves that worked and 97 that didn`t.
OK I stand corrected, that is quite conclusive!
Yeah,It is
This is way better then the answer that I had hidden.