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...except restoring HP and Sleep/Freeze/Burn/(Bad)Poison/Paralyze? Does it affect, eg. Confusion??

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It will restore HP like you said, plus all the ailments that show with the little icon which you said as well:
Sleep, Freeze, Burn, (Bad) Poison, Paralyze

It will also cure 'temporary' ailments:
Infatuation (when they're immobilized by love)
Leech Seed
Nightmare (although this would break anyway because Full Restore will wake you up)

I think that's all of them!

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Holy crap, it seriously cures all of that? No wonder it's 3000 Pokedollars each. It does way more than I thought it did. :P
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That's pretty much it. It restores ALL Hp, and cures any Status ailment. poisoning, paralysis, sleep, burn, confusion or freeze. If you are asking if it cures passive status effects like confusion or infatuation, the answer is yes it does.

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And about curse and so?
Yes, all of them, hence the name FULL restore.