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I had a Zorua and sparks and stars poofed out of it. if it is a shiny why isn't it Buhlooo. 'Cuz I lurve blue.


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Well your Zorua isn't blue because it is N's Pokemon, if you have one of N's Pokemon when you send it out it will sparkle little green stars
enter image description here

like so.
But if you have a shiny it will sparkle like this

enter image description here
Hope I helped!

Ooooooooooooooooh, thanks!
no problem
Nice pic of Tran. Is that a screenshot of one you got. (just wondering because of teh torterra)
actually no, but I do have one almost identical to this except Heatran wasn't shiny, I was battling Heatran to try and catch him but i decided to have some fun so I beat Heatran with torterra with earthquake but then I reset the DSi and caught him :)
What website did find the pic of SHINY HEATRAN? It is great. The answer is a lot better than mine.