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I'm in the elite 4 and dont have black kyurem yet. Can some1 help me how to get black kyurem?

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You need to do this:
For Zekrom
After completion of the game, you will encounter N within the ruins of his castle. While there, he will challenge you to a battle, and when he loses, his Pokémon will convert back into a stone. Take the stone to Dragonspiral Tower and you'll be able to capture it. Zekrom is exclusive to Pokémon Black 2 while Reshiram is exclusive to Pokémon White 2
For Kyurem
Having not been able to capture it when first encountered, after you have captured the Reshiram or Zekrom owned by N, you can return to the Giant Chasm to find Kyurem. Kyurem will be in its native form when captured, but will leave behind the DNA Link item which will allow for the changing of form


To fuse them just "Use" the DNA link.

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missed trying to answer b4 you your good at answering tho :) lucky! nice answer it describes alot id see why it isnt best answer...
and it's called DNA splicers also you said fuset and hem
thanks dude that really help me
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beat the elite four then go catch zekrom/reshiram then kyurem in giant chasm and then fuse them