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Did Kyurem breed with Reshiram or Zekrom to make the two Kyurems?

(answer yes or no, if no then say how)

If there's no info on my question then hide it.

Well Kyurem is the strongest in the Tao Trio he can go into Zekrom and Reshirams spots and become Half Zekrom or Half Reshiram.
ok now i'm gonna give BA to anyone
in bw 2 kyurems pokedex entry says that kyurem is waiting for someone to fill it with truth or ideals

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Since legendary pokemon cant breed, it is not offspring of zekrom and reshiram, I think that kyurem came on a meteor from outer space, and I only think that by what I have peiced together by talking to the citizens of lacunosa town (in-game). There isn't a lot on that subject, but if I am wrong please correct me.

You're right about the meteor and i now think that w/b kyurem came from outer space...so bravo batman you get the BA!!
If legendary pokemon couldn't breed how is there a baby lugia. In one of the episode in the Johto region a boy found a baby lugia taking care of it and feeding it and in the end of the day it's what it looks like it's mum picks it up and dives back to the ocean again.
That's the anime, I can't explain that but if you dont beleive that legendary Pokemon can't breed, try it. Many legendary Pokemon don't even have genders -cough- lugia -cough-. I can't explain anime logic, like how oshawott can block electric attacks with its scalchop, does that happen in the games?
Kyurem did come from a meteor
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Kyurem got fused which Reshiram or Zekrom during a Plazma experiment I know a guy who's dad works with Pokemon. He told me. Honest.

what i heard is that when Reshiram and Zekrom split Kyurem was created.
Also, Reshiram and Zekrom represent Yin and Yang and Kyurem represents the absence of Yin and Yang
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There Is a person In the Game (dont remember who) who says Zekrom And Reshiram Were once one being and when they disagee'd they split. Kyurem is the Husk of their old body. Pretty disgusting :D Then when Ghetsis wanted Lots of power he put reshiram or zekrom back together with Kyurem, with the Dna Splicers