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I trained my Drifblim with a power weight, so it has a high HP EV. It has aftermath, and it has the moves

charge beam
shadow ball
ominous wind

Is this a good plan when I battle a fire type?

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I really don't see much of how this would fare against a fire type. It has nothing super effective. While it has some decent special attack, its Hp is its only useful stat, but not really because of its low defenses. Fire types are mostly sweepers, so they would eat Drifblim alive. If you want to take out a fire type, you could either use a special wall to stall them out and ruin their stats with thunder wave. Or you could just hit with a hard super effective move, since most fire types don't have the defense to take a hit.

The pokemon I want to beat is infernape
I see. even though you're immune to his fighting moves, he's still able to be hit by fire types. You could use a Gyrados, it's resistant to both fire and fighting, barring the rare thunderpunch, you can take it down with little trouble.
See I im alomst done training my drifblim and I mostly want to be a wall
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I agree with DT, but I am going to give you a better moveset to deal with the dreaded Fire type, especially Infernape.

Rain Dance: Not only weakens the power of Fire, but strengthens Weather Ball and makes it a Water type attack.

Thunder: Best make full use of Rain Dance, even though this doesn't really deals with Fire types, there are other Pokemon. Also, Thunder has 100% accuracy in Rain, a 25% chance of breaking through Protect and Detect, plus it already has high power and a 30% chance to paralyze.

Weather Ball: In rain, its power doubles and it becomes a Water type attack, perfect for dealing with Fire types.

Shadow Ball/Psychic: Either have STAB, or have a move exclusively used in this case to deal with Infernape.

Edit: Sorry, I just noticed that this is for a Drifblim you already have. Try: Thunder Wave, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and either Air Cutter or Rain Dance.

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