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So, my brother is playing Pokemon Diamond, and has this shiny Drifblim. He has the following moves:
Shadow Ball

Obviously, the move Gust is the move he wants to be replaced. He doesn't want egg moves for this Drifblim. What move should replace Gust? My brother is using this moveset in-game, and he might use this Drifblim in the Battle Tower.


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Thunderbolt, Will-O-Wisp, or Psychic.

Thunderbolt effectively deals with Crasher Wake, plus some of Cyrus' and Cynthia's teams. Psychic is general coverage, but does deal quite nicely with Cynthia's Roserade. Both are also quite good at taking down random Trainers.

I would go for Will-O-Wisp in the Battle Tower, as that burn could potentially be game-changing. If you're threatened by physical attackers, Drifblim can really help take them down.

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Don't forget drifblim gets silver wind via TM so you can teach it for dark coverage
I know silver wind isn't the best bug move but drifblim doesn't get good coverage so you might take silver wind into consideration

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