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Why are some Pokedexes different than other in different regions if they are the same invention?

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It's kind of strange when you think about it. The Pokedex already knows all the Pokemon's information... but it only fills it in when you catch a Pokemon.
Well, for the game...
In the Anime, Pokedex is all-knowing and actually DOES things...
In the game, it's basically a piece of metal that is being held back :P
Thank you both of you!

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Because thats the model they came in, sometimes adding new features to the pokedex. All Cell Phones are basically the same but they come in all different shapes and forms.

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Well, it's kind of like technology today. Every time you beat the Elite 4, your pokedex gets up-graded to the National Dex, which is basically the up-to-date version, meaning that the data for the pokedex numbers may change.