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I was watching a video recently that mentioned that most Hoenn Pokemon were missing from XY's regional dex. This information was used to back up the theory that we'll be getting DPP remakes next. However, I was fairly certain that the number of Hoenn Pokes in XY actually exceeded the number of Kalos Pokes. While doing my own research (using the Dex here, in fact) I determined that there was a total of 450 Pokemon in XY's Regional Dexes. However, upon counting them using a separate program to manually tally, I only came up with a total of 385. Minutes before, I successfully looked at the generational distribution in SuMo, so I'm not sure what happened with XY. Maybe there's repeats?

tl;dr I tried counting how many Pokemon there were from each generation in XY's regional dexes, but I think I goofed so I'm asking someone here.

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With some Excel magic, I have come up with this tally! These are the tallies of Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex, grouped by their region of origin:

Kanto: 111 (24.2%)
Johto: 63 (13.7%)
Hoenn: 79 (17.2%)
Sinnoh: 52 (11.3%)
Unova: 80 (17.5%)
Kalos: 72 (15.7%)

Total: 457 (100%)

And this total number is verified by Bulbapedia (in the Trivia section), so Excel counted everything correctly.
Your observation proves to be true: apart from the Kanto, Kalos is mostly habited by Hoenn- and Unova-based Pokemon.

Other random statistics; the Kalos Pokedex consists of...

73.5% of all Kanto Pokemon (111/151).
42% of all Johto Pokemon (63/150).
58.5% of all Hoenn Pokemon (79/135).
48.5% of all Sinnoh Pokemon (52/107).
51.2% of all Unova Pokemon (80/156).
100% of all Kalos Pokemon (surprisingly, 72/72).

Hope I helped. :)
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You forgot 0% Alola XD